The right not to drink

On 12 February 2005, a Chicago cop drove drunk, ran a red light at 148 km/h, and killed Mohammed Shuaibi, 17, of Tinley Park, and Ahmad Shaban, 16, of Orland Park.

The hate-mongering MADD bigots get to cite two more “teenagers killed in a drunk driving crash” when they go about promoting prejudice and government-sponsored violence against people under 21.

Let it be known that these two guys, members of Palestinian-American families, were not drinkers. Allah their God told them not to drink. Not to imply anybody needs a reason.

People have every right not to drink. That’s not the problem. The problem is when some people choose to vote away other people’s inherent natural right to drink.

Naturally, this breeds hostility. Who are they to force their religious ways on others?

However, the hostility must be limited toward the government-sponsored violence for which they vote, and not toward their choice not to drink.

Jehovah’s Witnesses can drink in moderation, but shun drunkenness. *. Note that they don’t get involved in politics. It is against their religion to vote. Therefore, whatever their beliefs, these won’t be forced upon you through the long arm of the law.

Are you disappointed that somebody else doesn’t drink? If so, why? Probably not because you’re worried they’ll miss out on the joys of drunkenness. Is it because if they drink, that means they approve of your drinking? They don’t have to approve of your drinking. They’re only crossing the line when they resort to government-sponsored violence against you.

In blocking all attempts by religious persons to use government-sponsored violence to supress the use of alcoholic beverages, always remember that they have the right to their wrong opinion about the proper role of the government, and they have every right to practice their religion by not drinking. They just don’t have the right to resort to government-sponsored violence, even if, in their wrong opinion, they do.

Try not to prejudge all religions because of your own experience with one or two. It’s possible religion isn’t for you or maybe you just need to find the right one, with the right people.

Drinking problem?
You or somebody else?
Full range of options: or call 1-800-886-4986

But remember: Just because drinking isn’t for you, does not entitle you to attack others
who drink, by means of a knife, a bat or a police force. Good luck.

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