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Whatever you do after you drink, don't drive.

Hey Mom, Dad, teachers: These videos may be a little more effective than lecturing the discrimination victims about how they should have respect for the law, when hypocrites impose the law upon them in violation of their rights, against their will, as a consequence of overt bribery by Congress. Some people under 21 think rights are more important than roads.

It’s not your fault that you’re under 21 and it’s not your fault the state legislature just laughs when libertarians demand liberty and justice for all. It’s not your fault other people were under 21 when they misused cars by driving them drunk. However, if you misuse a vehicle by driving it after drinking, that is your fault. Don’t let the state’s prosecution of alcohol suppliers mislead you into thinking it’s the supplier’s fault. Don’t even think of trying to save a taxi fare by playing blotto lotto.

Here are some crimes you didn’t commit, that the government punishes you for:

18 March 2005, repeat offender kills her own kid in crash. Video.
April 2005 Driver, 23, kills other driver, 20, gets convicted of MURDER
3 May 2005 Drunk driver, 48, kills mother, little children (Photo above) Videos  More videos
9 May 2005, repeat offense drunk driver, 40, kills other driver, 19. Video
25 May 2005 Teacher, 33, convicted of killing girl, 17. Video ...Video
31 May 2005 Cop kills 13-year-old boy. Video . Video
27 July 2005 man, 35, with two priors kills bicyclist. Video ... Video
7 August 2005 Drunk driver, 32, kills three adults
21 October 2005 19-year-old college woman kills 21-year-old same college woman. Video
5 November 2005 Drunk driver, 49, kills cop, 52. Video
8 December 2005 Mother kills daughters, 6 and 10
February 2006 Driver, 18, kills couple, 22 and 23
26 February 2006 Driver, 20, kills passenger, 20
2 March 2006 Driver, 47, with 11 prior DUI’s kills two persons, both 18 Video Video ...WPRI-TV Channel 12
5 March 2006 Driver, 18, kills passengers, 16 and 18
13 March 2006 Driver, 19, kills woman, 26
19 March 2006 drunk Houston, Texas cop injures 2, gets pulled from fiery crash
24 March 2006 Driver, 19, kills girl, 16, who was trying to exit car. [doesn’t work with Netscape.]
1 April 2006 Driver, 34, kills children, 8 and 9, others.
10 April 2006 Driver, 19, kills bicyclists, 13 and 15
29 April 2006 Man, 20, kills other car's passengers, 5 and 16, charged with murder ...More ...More
1 May 2006 Driver, 21, 0.061%, kills woman
6 May 2006 Driver, 21 kills himself and girlfriend, 16.
6 May 2006 Driver, 56, with 3 prior DWI’s kills woman, 26, in other car. ...More
6 May 2006 Driver, 16, kills passenger, 17.
13 May 2006 Driver, 24, kills two passengers, both 16 ...More ...More

Melanie’s uncle charged with drunk driving

Teenager killed in non-drinking, drag race crash.

28 October 2005 Driver, 15, (not drunk) kills girlfriend, 17.

Got money? Can you get a grant? Find episodes like this and like and piece them together, one after another. Get permissions from the TV stations. Publish the video so it can be a useful tool to deter people from misusing cars by driving them drunk. Add only the date, station call letters, its channel number and its location.

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