Amethyst Initiative

The Amethyst Initiative is an attempt by some college and university presidents to start a debate over whether the dirnking age should be lowered to 18. CLICK HERE FOR THEIR WEBSITE This webmaster opposes any drinking age, of course, and offers the following debate points:

Statistics: Currently, the enemies of liberty manage to focus the debate on the question of whether drunk driving statistics would go up, or down. However, the State has full control over the drunk driving statistics. By deciding the level of the penalties, and the level of enforcement, the government sets the drunk driving rate as precisely as it sets the tax rate. Repeal the drinking age, and if statistics go up, bring them down. No amount of objective analysis of statistical data can establish that the government is entitled to violate the rights of innocent persons.

Brain Development: Like Nazis, MADD offers scientific studies to back up its biological inferiority argument. Do the enemies of liberty want people to finish developing their brains first, and then start destroying them?

Hostility: Don’t follow John McCardell’s example of trying to be polite and dignified in choosing his words. Be refined in your manners and clean in your speech, but do express hostility to dispel the illusion suffered by many enemies of liberty that they should expect gratitude for their malicious wrongdoing. They figure they are trying to “protect” the victims of the drinking age from the horrors of hangovers. If you were trying to save somebody’s life and they threatened to spend the rest of their life seeking revenge if you do, you might back off.

—Tell the State legislators elected where you live, that you refuse to join the National Guard because Congress and the State legislature hate you. Why should you sign up to protect the lives and property of people who, on election day, won’t even vote to protect your right to liberty?

—Tell the State legislators elected where you live that you know very well why they impose the drinking age on you instead of imposing tougher drunk driving laws on themselves. Tell them, if they want to save lives, to crack down on drunk driving, “even if that means you will spend more time in jail yourself when you get caught.”

—Tell the State legislators elected where you live that you reject all excuses for hiring gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests as weapons of unprovoked violence, to try to intimidate you out of exercising your inherent natural right to drink the beverage of your choice. Tell them, “The only reason your government gets away with it is because good cop-killers are hard to find these days.”

—Speak of “your” government, and when the enemies of liberty try to tell you that it’s your government, too, deny any allegience to or connection with their government. If you voted correctly, you didn’t elect them. They will accuse you, “Well, you elect those people.” and you can call them on that lie. If you voted against them, you didn’t elect them. Libertarian candidates as a rule are against the drinking age. “Ain’t my fault you got elected, it’s the fault of the ones who voted for you.” Notice how I said, “State legislators elected where you live” and not “your” State legislators.

—Hostility is best expressed on a post card mailed from a country where the drinking age is lower.

Reject Incorrect Words: Like when enemies of liberty speak of “allowing” you to drink. It is not by the indulgence of one class of citizens that another enjoys the exercise of their inherent natural rights. Or when they speak of the State “extending” the right to drink, as if it were the State that doles out rights. The Dude on the Deuce postulated, “That all Men are created equal; That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights;” If you are religious, speak of drinking as a God-given right; if not, speak of it as an inherent natural right. By definition, the State does not extend to you your inherent natural rights nor your God-given rights.

Mention Double Victims: Point out what happens when the State imposes the drinking age on innocent persons while refusing to take the necessary steps to stop drunk driving. An extensive list of double victims is on my other website, and in all cases, the State name is spelt out, allowing for easy searching.

Talk To Others: Remind other outvoted discrimination victims that if they drink too much, they aren’ hurting the enemies of liberty one bit, but if they express their outrage to the legislators, they are.

More Materials

More materials are available on my other website, Underage Drinkers Against Drunk Driving. A powerful educational tool is the anti-DWI videos, consisting of Windows Media Player playlists of TV news segments which will induce young people not to drive drunk nor drink themselves to death. This resource, if widely used, would save many lives. CLICK HERE.

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